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SFood Storage Feast Online Course
Online Cooking School For Self Reliance
Save tons of cash, eat like a king, become more self-reliant, and prepared for emergencies! 
Join hundreds of other students learning to cook with healthy inexpensive foods.
Listen To The Audio Message From  Instructor Chef Keith Snow Below 
and Watch All The Videos On This Page!
Food Storage Feast Introduction
Simple dishes from inexpensive foods taste AMAZING!
Caribbean Beans & Rice
Terrific food is a reality for you every day when you're a student of this course.  No need to struggle to put food on the table during the next ice storm.
Rice & Beans-one of the best dishes!
Wisely, forward-looking folks like you put up extra food for hard times - enough to get you through a month or two, or even a year of societal upheaval. It's insurance you can eat when times get tough.

But are you prepared to prepare it?

Learn to turn your rice, beans, potatoes, freeze-dried stuff, and other long-term storage ingredients into a steady supply of delicious meals your family will love.

Food Storage Feast is full of step-by-step recipe videos and detailed, actionable 
info on selecting and storing foods you’ll be excited to cook and eat.

Build confidence, cut your grocery bill, become a better cook, and lock food security into 
your life now, before you actually need it. Don’t get stuck in long lines with the unprepared masses.
Got Freeze Dried Food?  We Got You Covered !
 Shepherd's Pie w Beef-SIMPLE
With freeze dried beef and some vegetables plus instant potatoes, you can have an amazing meal in no time-watch this recipe. Family favorite!
Here Is A Small Sample Of What You Will BeCooking
Artisan Breads Are Reality When You Become a Student
Amazing French Bread
Turn stored wheat berries into flour then make this amazing bread. Or just use pre-ground flour, either way, you'll think you're at a Paris cafe when you taste this!
WARNING-Your family will become spoiled and demand this over store-bought bread...happens to all who taste real bread!
What's Inside The Course?

Once enrolled you will have access to all our written
 materials and the entire video/ recipe library.

Indide you will find over 30 extensive lessons explaining why you
 need ot store food and what / how to store it.

You can view over 55 detailed recipe videos (and counting) that
 show you exactly how to turn your stored foods into 
meals that nourish and please your family

The written materials alone are worth the price of enrollment. 
When you add the extensive growing 
video library you have a resource that will return 
much more then the cost of enrollment.
What Are Existing Students Saying?

"Chef Snow has given us dozens of ways to use our stored food, so it's not just sitting in our pantry anymore. Recipes are very good."— Joe McFadden, Baton Rouge
I've taken quite a few culinary classes over the years, but Food Storage Feast is some of the best money I've spent. . . .Chef Keith shares a lot of expertise that I find helpful and inspiring. It's much more than a bunch of recipes. . . This course would be helpful to everyone - whether you have a basement full of buckets of staples, or you're just a college kid trying to put tasty, inspired, and affordable food on the table.—Terry M.
"I had a new friend from the Dominican Republic over to my house, and I cooked him your recipe for Caribbean-style Beans & Rice from Food Storage Feast. He was very impressed, and he said it tasted like a "woman from the Dominican cooked it — the taste and texture were perfect." I didn't have the heart to tell him it was from canned goods."—Corey M.
Many Ethnic Dishes Are Inside The Course
Our Chef has desinged many recipes that are Ethnic and use creative flavors, tetures and yet simple ingredients you normally would not assiciate with "survival food".  Why eat powdered slop when dishes like Salt Cod Thai Style are at your finger tips. These recipes are amazing and can be made using stored foods.

Your Instructor-Chef Keith Snow
Catapulted upwards from his job as a substitute dishwasher at age fourteen, Chef Keith Snow rose through the ranks to become Executive Chef at one of Colorado’s premier ski resorts, where he managed a staff of hundreds.

A mover and shaker in the slow food and locavore movements, and a featured chef and speaker at festivals from Disney’s Epcot, to the New York Botanical Garden, to Dijon, France, he’s worn every kind of hat there is in the world of fine dining, and has starred in everything from cruise ship kitchens to his own Harvest Eating TV show.

While producing his show in 2008, Chef Keith had an up-close-and-personal brush with the great recession, when the show’s corporate sponsors tightened their belts, resulting in a sudden funding squeeze. This visceral experience led him on a hunt for ways to better prepare his family for emergencies both big and small-Food Storage Feast was the result!

Chef Keith is the author of the best-selling Harvest Eating Cookbook (available on Amazon), host of The Harvest Eating Podcast and a member of the Expert Council on The Survival Podcast, where he offers advice on food prep and preservation to over 150,000 dedicated daily listeners.
Hey-I'm Chef Keith Snow!
Learning to cook with stored foods takes practice!
Have you ever sat down at the keyboard of a grand piano that you have no clue how to play? A pile of storage food that you don’t know how to cook is as useless as that piano.

When it comes to being ready for hard times, skills trump stuff. A holistic approach to storing food begins with your cooking skills, and ends with a trove of ingredients that you know will sing beautifully in tried-and-true recipes.

A sack of beans isn’t worth a hill of beans if you don’t know how to cook with them. Stashing away food for a rainy day is only half the battle. You must also have a plan – and the skills – to turn the dry ingredients in your pantry into something hot and appetizing on your table.

As you wake up to the fragility of the modern food delivery system – the just-in-time inventory system that means your grocery store has, at best, about 3 days’ worth of food on the shelf at any one time – it’s easy to get caught up in a sense of urgency and end up spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on a big pile of pre-packaged storage food.

But have you ever actually cracked open those cans? With a sack of rice and only a vague idea of what to do with it beyond boiling, you’re only half-prepared to take responsibility for your family’s food requirements in a crisis.

You may be able to throw something together in a way that makes it possible to gag down the calories, and in the worst of times, this may be better than nothing. Or it may turn out to be worse than nothing, another source of stress on an already bad day. But up until the time your eight-year-old experiences actual hunger pangs – and learns the true meaning of “I’m starving” – he will probably have to be bribed with video games and candy to get him to eat a tasteless gruel that you’ve thrown together in desperation with water in a saucepan.

The best preps are ones that will serve you well even if nothing goes wrong. And this is where skills really trump stuff. The ability to make delicious food out of basic ingredients is a skill that will enrich every single day of the rest of your life, in good times and bad.

Food Storage Feast is designed as the keystone of your carefully-chosen stockpile of storable ingredients, and will teach you to prepare delicious, attractive meals that belie their simplicity and ease of preparation. Chef Keith Snow has fine-tuned each recipe in this course to provide you with maximum value and enjoyment.

Don’t get stuck holding the bag… of dry beans, without the skills to go with it. Instead, you can enjoy the Food Storage Feast.
Why Should I Enroll? And What Will I Learn ?
As a Food Storage Feast student you will first learn all the reasons storing food is the smartest thing you can do. Millions of Americans store you ?

Emergencies like job loss, injury, sickness, ice stoms etc. can efect your ability to secure food for your family. A few years back in Florida Hurricane Matthew came through.  Residents cleared out the Publix Supermarket in less then a day, store was ver ybare. All essentials gone. It takes a few days to restock and with the storm coming, the trucks wern't coming. 

Same story for fuel, people were getting into fist fights over gasoline. One guy filled his truck, then had 5 -5 gallon cans, others did not like this and fights ensued. This scenario happed just a few years ago, in modern America. It can and does happen here..every year.  Are you prepared ?

Sure you need fuel but more importantly you need food and water.  Those with food and water and methods to cook, are the only people with security. You need to store food, now, and learn how to cook with it.

Food Storage Feast helps you build an arsenal of delicious recipes you can make all year long, even during an emergency.  Being prepared is the best insurance you can have and totally within your control. You don't need to wait for an insurance adjuster or a check to clear, you just walk into your pantry and create satisfying meals.  If you have a family, trust me, you need a large pantry.

Get started can be cooking tonight!
Enroll Now- Start Learning Today!
Your Success If Guaranteed-100% Risk Free.
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